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An  Introduction To Short Fiction,  The Writer’s Path, Constance Rooke, Leon Rooke

An Introduction To The Philosophy Of Science 4th edition, by Karel Lambert, Gordon G Brittan, Jr.

Arguing About Art, Contemporary Philosophical Debates, by Alex Neill & Aaron Ridley

Atlas Of Classical History, edited by Richard J.A. Talbert

2010 student edition; Constitutional Law Of Canada by Peter W. Hogg

SOLD *** Constitutional Law 3rd edition by Patrick J. Monahan

Criminal Law 4th edition by Kent Roach

Ethics by William K. Frankena

Ethics, History, Theory, and Contemporary Issues 2nd edition by Steven M. Cahn & Peter Markie

Introductory Readings In The Philosophy Of Science,  edited by E.D. Klemke, Robert Hollinger, David Wyss Rudge

Logic by Wesley C. Salmon

Microeconomics September 2014 8th Custom edition for Professor Robert Gateman The Vancouver School Of Economics University Of British Columbia

Modern Canada 1945 To Present, edited by Catherine Briggs

Notes On The Preparation Of Essays In The Arts And Sciences 4th edition, Academic Skills Centre Trent University Peterborough, Ontario

Patterns in Prehistory 3rd edition, Humankind’s first three million years by Robert J. Wenke

SOLD *** Politics 4th edition, palgrave foundations, by Andrew Heywood

Principles Of Property Law 5th edition by Bruce Ziff

Scientific Knowledge 2nd edition basic issues in the philosophy of science by Janet A. Kourany

Social Contexts Of Health, Illness, and Patient Care

The Canadian Regime,  An Introduction To Parliamentary Government In Canada 5th edition,  by Patrick Malcolmson & Richard Myers

The Elements Of Moral Philosophy 6th edition,  by James Rachels & Stuart Rachels

The Elements Of Moral Philosophy 4th edition,  by James Rachels

The Globalization Of World Politics 3rd edition, An Introduction to International Relations by John  Baylis & Steve Smith

The Short Story an introduction 2nd edition by Stone, Packer, Hoopes

SOLD *** The Study Of Language 5th edition by George Yule

SOLD *** Understanding Earth 7th edition,  John P. Grotzinger & Thomas H. Jordan